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Pickle or pickling is the process of lactic acid fermentation of different type of vegetables and fruits preserved in a solution like vinegar and salty water.

The way how fruits& vegetables are pickled (in acetic acid, vinegar or salty water) must be specifieded on the label. In case food additives like preservatives are used, this should also be mentioned on the label.

Main ingredients of pickle which are various type of fruits& vegetables must be free from sour taste, mold, spoilage. The pickle liquor must be clear, not cloudy or dark.

Natural ingredients like various type of spice (garlic, mustard seeds, parsley) are added to pickles to give unique flavor while wheat, chickpeas, sugar can also be added. The pickles can be sold in different type of packages like PE buckets, glass jars, tins, PET bottles an deven wooden barrels.