About Us

We give importance to human health in the context of food safety, quality and hygiene and we manufacture pickles which appeal to the taste of consumers from different countries.
We produce in accordance with the rules of consumer products that appeal to taste.

Cenkci Turşu Hakkımızda


Cenkci Pickle Co. was first established under the name “Üstün Pickle Co.” in Pınarbaşı, İzmir, Turkey in the year 1985 and in order to follow the mission to become a leading company in domestic and international markets and to fulfill the capacity increase demand, moved to its recent facility in Torbalı, İzmir in 2000; having 5.000 sqm close, 7.000 sqm open area. It also renewed its name to be Cenkci Pickle Co. in the same period as registered trademark.

Cenkci Pickle Co., is a role model company with its hygienic and modern facilities, total quality approach through globally recognized certificates like TSE, ISO 9001, HACCP and with its award from TTKD – Consumer Protection Association: Consumer Advice and Gold Mark. Cenkci produces various types of pickles by combining the traditionality with the modernity. Cenkci Pickles goes on adding new types of raw materials to its product portfolio in order to invent special tastes through in-house researches by its experts.

Cenkci Pickle manufactures pickles under it own trademark “Cenkci” however, as a part of customer oriented company strategy, it also collaborates with customers which ask Cenkci to produce pickles as per their custom recipes and supplies “private label” in such cases.

Cenkci is very insistent on supplying the right quality vegetables directly from the farmers to provide the best healthy & delicious pickles and manages this by applying various quality gates under control of CENKCI experienced specialists.


We believe that eating always-crunchy and delicious pickles are everyone’s right so, We, Cenkci Pickle Co., manufacture pickles by combining Mediterranean traditionality with the technology to reach every kitchen around the world.


To be the leader pickle company in processed food business with offering sustainable values.

Leadership Criteria;

Customer orientation, food safety, good agricultural practices, sustainability, constant and continious care.

Cenkci as a company which has rich assortment of different flavors and taste, has already achieved to differentiate its pickles in international markets.